Our company

Our company

 After years of agricultural production of several fruits, mainly avocado and red fruits, the Moroccan Wide Trade company was created in 2022 to provide the international market with its high quality products that respect the environment and international standards. We export to several countries in the Middle East and Europe.

 Our business approach is based on transparency, honesty and integrity. We negotiate all of our sales activities based on an understanding of our customers’ needs and specifications.


Our products come either from our farms located in several regions of Morocco (Tiffelt (Rabat Region), Moulay Bousselham, Larache, Agadir, etc.), or from the production of other partner producers.

nos fermes localisées dans plusieurs régions du Maroc (Tiffelt (Région Rabat), Moulay Bousselham, Larache, Agadir,…), ou bien d’une production d’autres  producteurs partenaires.


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